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Looking Trim Diet Pill


looking trim diet pills



The diet pill Looking Trim is no longer available in America because it contained the banned substance Ephedra. It has since been repackaged as NuPhedrine which contained different ingredients than the Looking Trim but boasted similar results. In fact, it claims to help you burn 500 more calories a day without you having to make any changes in your daily diet or exercising routine. Whether NuPhedrine really lives up to these tall claims will be revealed in our short review.




Looking Trim/NuPhedrine: Main facts




NuPhedrine’s main ingredients are Hoodia and Advantra-Z. Hoodia has been clinically proven to be an excellent appetite suppressant. Advantra-Z is widely regarded as amongst the most potent weight loss substances in the world. It contains Synephrine which belongs to the same family of the Ephedrine. In fact, when Ephedra was banned, Looking Trim replaced Ephedra with Synephrine and repackaged its product as NuPhedrine.




But it remains to be seen whether Synephrine too gets banned by the FDA because of its proximity to the Ephedrine family. But you must be careful about choosing this supplement since it may contain some dangerous side-effects. The product is also terribly expensive as it costs anything between $75.00 - $250, depending upon supply.








The facts presented in this diet pills review are fairly accurate as of the time of this writing. Please note that manufacturers are constantly changing their product’s pricing, ingredients and money-back guarantees to further improve their products in this highly-competitive diet supplements market. As for whether or not to try this diet supplement: we leave it completely upon you to decide.




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