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Lipitone Diet Pill



lipitone diet pills



The Lipitone makes you lose weight in 5 different ways. It blocks your body fat from getting saturated, blocks the carbohydrates you take with your food from getting stored as body fat. It increases your metabolic rate thus helping you burn more fat.




It also lowers your cholesterol levels and suppresses your appetite so that you eat less to lose more fat. It uses a variety of ingredients to achieve these results. They include a) Glucomannan to control appetite, b) Caffeine to boose your metabolic rate, c) NeOptuntia to block fat and d) Id-alG, to block your carbohydrates.




While this ingredients have been used by other diet pill makers and found out to be effective, Lipitone does let down by not telling us just how much of these ingredients are being used in the diet pill. This makes it really difficult to determine the effectiveness of the product.




Lipitone costs $59.99 plus shipping costs for a month’s supply and gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customer reviews are not very encouraging though, because of the side-effects like nausea, jitteriness and insomnia which you are expected to experience because of the use of large quantity of caffeine.








Lipitone looks like a diet pill that has a lot of potential though we don’t know about the percentage of the ingredients used. Also the 30-day money-back guarantee is pretty tight and you have to work fast to get your money back.





The facts presented in this diet pills review are fairly accurate as of the time of this writing. Please note that manufacturers are constantly changing their product’s pricing, ingredients and money-back guarantees to further improve their products in this highly-competitive diet supplements market. As for whether or not to try this diet supplement: we leave it completely upon you to decide.


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