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                            The Burner Balm 


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The Burner Balm is a unique weight loss product that delivers the supplement in the form of a lip balm. It contains a variety of lip balms each containing some popular weight loss ingredients. By applying these balms over your lips several times a day, you are supposed to burn fat through a substantial loss of appetite. We have reviewed this product to see if this unique approach to weight loss is indeed that much effective.


The Burner Balm: Main Features


Burner Lip Balms are available in a variety of flavors and ingredients and are intended to be applied over your lips 4-8 times a day. This process of absorption of the ingredients bypasses the digestive system making the ingredients mix to the blood stream more easily. The main ingredients of the Burner Lip Balm include:- a) Hoodia Gordonii, b) chromium picolinate c) green tea extract and d) caffeine. These ingredients are combined and applied with a wax base over the lips.


The Burner Lip Balm may cause side-effects since it uses beeswax and persons with allergies to bees should not use this product. Also there may be caffeine related side-effects which may cause damage to your nervous system. The manufacturers warn you not to ingest this lip balm and also to keep it out of children’s reach.


Final Words:


The facts presented in this  review are fairly accurate as of the time of this writing. Please note that manufacturers are constantly changing their product’s pricing, ingredients and money-back guarantees to further improve their products in this highly-competitive diet supplements market. As for whether or not to try this diet supplement: we leave it completely upon you to decide.


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Our Recommended No.1 Diet Pills of 2015:- Phen 375

The most powerful fat burner in the market!!


Phen 375 is the most powerful fatburner in the market. Made in a FDA controlled lab using highest quality,it simply turns you into a 24 hour fat burning machine!! Using only synthetic ingredients and being totally legal and 100%safe, Phen375 has today become the most preferred choice of losing weight amongst the worldwide customers.

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Our Recommended No.2 Diet Pills of 2015 :-Proactol.

Read on and find out why this 100% NATURAL and clinically proven fat binding pill is currently the most trusted and respected weight loss product in the market.


Clinically proven to reduce fat intake by 30%. Ground-breaking product for curing obesity. More effective than prescription diet pills. Legally cleared for sale in USA and Europe. Starts to show results within minutes .New York Times, Florida magazine & The Telegraph have approved Proactol. Proactol has more customer testimonials than any other weight loss product. Product backed by a massive 6 month guarantee!! 100% natural ingredients used in the product!! 

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Our Recommended No.3 Diet Pills of 2015:-  Capsiplex

Read on and discover how this 100% natural and clinically proven fat burning pill helps to burn your calories like no other product in the market possibly can!!


Clinically proven fat burning pill. Contains pepper as the main ingredient. Pepper helps to burn 12 times more calories. Results show people burning up to 278 calories. 100% natural product with no side effects. Product suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. Used and endorsed by most Hollywood stars.

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Our Recommended No.4 Diet Pills of 2015:- Meratol.

Learn how to turn yourself into a 24-hour fat-burning machine with this unique and one-of-a-kind advanced weight loss complex.


Made to the most stringent and rigorous pharmaceutical standards Meratol is the latest and fastest-selling weight loss product to have taken the market by storm! It’s special formulation acts in a four-way direction helping you to burn more calories, speed up your metabolic rate, block carbohydrates and reduce the calorie intake in your food. Manufactured by Advanced Health the manufacturer of many top-selling weight loss products in the past, this product isliterally flying off the shelf ever since it has been launched!!

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